10 Most Common Complaints From Uber Riders


If you’re an Uber driver, you understand how critical a good review from a rider can be. Keep your driving score strong by learning and avoiding the 10 most common complaints from Uber riders.

Late Driver

The most common complaint that Uber riders have is their driver being late. Understandably, some things are out of your control, and sometimes, you can’t help being late, but if you’re more than 15 minutes late, you should notify the rider or Uber.

Unprofessional Driver

Another common complaint that riders have is that their driver was unprofessional. Unprofessional could mean many things, from rude or inappropriate talk to careless driving. We all have bad days but don’t take it out on the rider, or you could end up with a negative review and complaint.

Too Talkative

Many riders like to talk to their drivers and have a conversation, but others only want to sit quietly or get some work done. Talking to your rider is fine, but if they’re not reciprocating or if they ask for quiet, respect their privacy.

Inappropriate Music

Not everyone’s going to like your music, so don’t take it personally if a rider asks you to change it or turn it down. Avoid music with explicit language and be professional if they ask for a music change.

Incorrectly Charged

Billing is primarily out of the hands of drivers, but many riders file complaints if they feel they think their bill contains a mistake. If the rider has extra fees for being late or because you had to drive on toll roads, make sure they’re clear about that so that there aren’t any surprises when the bill comes.

Lost Item in Uber

Lost items aren’t the driver’s fault, but it’s common for riders to leave items behind in the car accidentally. Try to remind them to check that they have all their belongings as they exit and follow Uber procedures for lost items.

Dangerous Driver

Drivers need to feel safe when taking Uber, so as much as you want to get them to their destination quickly, never sacrifice safety for speed.

Distracted Driver

While you’re driving, keep your focus on the road and navigation, which means not taking phone calls or sending text messages. You wouldn’t trust a distracted driver, and neither should your passengers.

Getting Directions Wrong

If the Uber navigation app gives wrong directions, that’s not your fault, but if you waste time because you didn’t follow directions, your rider will be understandably upset.

Messy or Odorous Car

No one wants to spend time in a messy car that smells, so get it cleaned and keep it as clean as you can. Consider a new TLC rental if your vehicle has a lingering odor or stains.

As you can see, many of the most common complaints from Uber riders are entirely avoidable. Just remember to communicate with your rider, keep your car clean, and act professionally, and you’ll avoid most complaints.