5 Safest Neighborhoods To Drive in Long Island, NY


New York and Long Island always need drivers to ferry locals and tourists back and forth across the city. If you’re a taxi or rideshare driver looking to learn more about the local areas of Long Island, read our guide that details the five safest neighborhoods to drive in Long Island, NY.


First on our list is Smithtown, a family-friendly suburb nestled about midway across Long Island toward the North Shore. Smithtown boasts well-maintained streets and a population of primarily young families and professionals. Year in and year out, Smithtown is voted one of the best places to live on Long Island, thanks to its safe streets and excellent schools.


One of the oldest neighborhoods on Long Island, Greenport has been a bustling harbor that welcomes boats from around the world for centuries. Located on the far end of Long Island, Greenport offers a cozy environment that doesn’t have its streets filled with as many tourists and summer vacationers as the Hamptons. But it still has much of the natural beauty and safety you’ll find in the Hamptons.


Another old neighborhood on Long Island, Massapequa, is considered one of the safest neighborhoods on Long Island. There are six different elementary schools and a few high schools in the neighborhood, so there’s a substantial family population, but still very safe and has relatively quiet streets. Plus, there are many parks nearby to admire, whether you’re driving by or taking a stop to stretch your legs.


Located near the beach, Islip has a reputation for being one of the quieter, more easygoing neighborhoods of Long Island. Islip is considered a beach community among locals who love to swim and surf; there’s also lively nightlife during the summer.


Plainview has many things going for it: superb schools, gorgeous parks, and one of the lowest crime rates in the city. Plus, it’s right next to the Long Island Expressway, so it’s easy for drivers to come and go from the community. Plainview also has a well-maintained mass transit system, so fewer cars are on the road.

Those are some of the safest neighborhoods to drive in Long Island, NY, but believe us: there are plenty more. Long Island City (LIC) has many safe communities and always needs taxi and rideshare drivers. Visit Fast Track Mobility to learn more about being a TLC driver in LIC.

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