A Driver’s Guide to Rideshare Tipping Protocols

A Driver’s Guide to Rideshare Tipping Protocols

Tips are a critical slice of income for rideshare drivers. To help, we’ve put together a driver’s guide to rideshare tipping protocols. This goes over the essential information drivers should know about tipping and how they can earn better tips.

Do Rideshare Companies Allow Drivers To Earn Tips?

Yes! It wasn’t always the case, but it’s universal now that rideshare companies allow drivers to earn tips for their hard work. Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft, Via, or Gett, customers can tip you either through the app or with cash.

Do Rideshare Companies Garnish Tips?

No. No matter what rideshare company you drive for—Uber, Lyft, or one of the others—100 percent of the tips you earn will go into your pocket. There’s a clear incentive for drivers to make better tips.

How Rideshare Drivers Can Earn Better Tips

Tips can be the difference between a highly successful evening and a typical shift. If you’re looking to boost your tip income as a rideshare driver, consider these suggestions to impress passengers.

Offer Passengers Perks

A common strategy for drivers to earn better tips is offering passengers free perks. A perk can be anything: candy, snacks, water, napkins, or even a handy phone charger. Bonuses aren’t just about giving your passengers free stuff—it’s about anticipating their needs.

Everyone likes a sweet treat, but if you’re typically picking up passengers late at night from drinking establishments, they’ll likely enjoy some water. Or, if you frequently pick up airport passengers, a handy phone charger could be what they need.

Understand The Passenger’s Mood

You can’t read minds, but the more passengers you pick up, the better you’ll understand the moods of your passengers. Sometimes, passengers love to talk to pass the time on the trip. Reciprocating their energy and interest could lead to a handsome tip at the end of the ride.

On the other hand, some passengers want to be left alone to sit quietly or listen to music. Respect their privacy and don’t try to force them out of their shell. They’ll likely appreciate the courtesy and reward you.

Create a Welcoming Environment

As a rideshare driver, your car is your business. Your place of business should always be welcoming to customers. Your car should be clean and smell pleasant. It should also be inviting.

Make sure your passengers have enough legroom, are comfortable with the temperature, and the music is at a suitable volume for them. All these little details combine to create a more welcoming experience for passengers.

Keep Them Informed

As you start your trip, inform the customer how long it should take. If you need to deviate from the scheduled route to avoid traffic, ask the passenger first and explain why you want to change.

They’ll appreciate you keeping them informed and will likely reward you with a better tip if you can get them to their destination ahead of schedule.

We hope our driver’s guide to rideshare tipping protocols has been informative. If you want to drive professionally in New York City, consider using a luxury TLC care rental from Fast Track Mobility for convenience.

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