The Best Hybrid Vehicles for Rideshare Drivers

The Best Hybrid Vehicles for Rideshare Drivers

A hybrid vehicle is powered by an internal combustion engine coupled with one or more electrical motors—meaning the vehicle can switch from using gas or electricity for fuel. Choosing to drive a hybrid as a rideshare driver can help save money on gas, and you’re making our planet a better place to live! Below, we list the best hybrid vehicles for rideshare drivers; consider choosing from our selections when you’re looking for a new rideshare car.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a popular hybrid sedan—plus, it’s a vehicle available to rent on our website! This Camry estimates an impressive fuel economy with the miles per gallon at 44/47 for city/highway driving. The vehicle’s large cabin has an open-space feel, perfect for maximizing the number of customers you can pick up at once.

Love to entertain your riders with music? The Toyota Camry has an incredible sound system for streaming music. Your driving just got safer with this car too! This vehicle is equipped with blind spot monitoring, rear-cross traffic alerts, and front and rear parking assist with automatic braking to keep everyone in your car safe on the road.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Another hybrid vehicle available at Fast Track Mobility is the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander is a large SUV that can transport many different customers safely. Provide customers with a cleaner ride with 27 mpg—don’t forget, you can also switch to electric if you’re running low on gas.

Save money with this Mitsubishi Outlander TLC car for rent in NYC by using less gas to fuel your car. Customers will enjoy the swanky interior and vehicle safety with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and lane departure warnings.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a hybrid vehicle you can’t pass up. While the Camry was a smaller sedan, the Accord is around mid-size. This vehicle offers up to 47 mpg when you’re driving through the city. The seating is very spacious, and there is dual climate control, so if the riders in the back of the car are cold, but you’re hot, they can easily switch the setting without it affecting you!

This is one of the best hybrid vehicles for rideshare drivers because it has a high safety rating. Safety is essential when you’re driving and even more so when you’re working for a rideshare company and responsible for others’ lives. Safety and driver assist technology is in every Honda Accord, so you can avoid major accidents when you’re weaving through traffic in the Big Apple.

Choosing a hybrid vehicle for your rideshare side hustle is perfect for the environment and offers a unique customer experience. Not only will you make safety a top priority with these vehicle choices, but you’ll also make a lasting impression on customers—and hopefully, they will leave you a five-star rating! Purchase your own Honda Accord or consider renting a Toyota Camry or Mitsubishi Outlander from our fleet of rental cars.

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