It’s safe to say that there are four factors that can set you up for success while driving for Uber or Lyft: an approved and operating vehicle, a valid driver’s license, exceptional customer service, and a navigation app. It’s a given to know that navigational resources are essential on all your trips. They provide direction assistance, awareness for detours, and can even give you shortcuts to get your passengers to their final destination quicker. Here are the best navigation apps for rideshare drivers that you might want to install on your phone.

Uber Nav

Uber’s navigation system comes integrated into its driver app. The built-in GPS is compatible with many smart devices that are already running the Uber app. Uber Nav pulls navigational data from other systems, like Google Maps, for a comprehensive experience.

Google Maps

Many consider Google Maps the gold standard for navigation, with its free wireless GPS mapping and sophisticated interface. Google Maps can indicate when you are approaching an exit, a reroute during traffic issues, and even provides voice guidance that speaks in real-time during your drive.


What makes Waze popular is its use of the community to provide navigation information. The GPS app focuses on sourcing information from fellow drivers in the area to display updated information about your current location. Drivers can update each other on traffic flow, accidents, roadwork, and other factors affecting the drive.


Navmii is free and provides drivers with basic route information, and can display offline maps and navigation should you find yourself in an area without a data connection. This app also allows you to download the maps for use when navigating the area during future drives.

Ridesharing drivers with the best navigation apps can do exceptionally well in their driver journey. Even if you consider yourself knowledgeable in navigation, having a co-pilot by your side won’t hurt.

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