Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most?

Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most?

If you are considering becoming a delivery driver, it’s best to know which food delivery service pays the most. This way, you can maximize your profits. Most companies operate using a similar pay structure, and you’ll need to understand the basics before we can compare overall salaries.

The Basics

Base pay—this number is the amount you earn for each delivery. This does not include tips or bonuses. You are guaranteed to earn this amount for every delivery you make.

Peak pay—during peak hours, such as the lunch or dinner rush, some companies offer a bonus to encourage drivers to hit the road. This kicks in when there are more orders being placed than there are drivers available.

Bonuses—some companies give seasonal or weekly bonuses. This is awarded for participating in driver events or promotions.

Tips—these are given by the customer. Some companies take part of the driver’s tip, so make sure you know this before signing on.

Uber Eats

Unlike most delivery drivers, Uber Eats drivers can work as Uber drivers and deliver food. This gives you more options during slow periods. Uber Eats also has a large customer base, so you will almost always be able to find gigs.

However, Uber Eats does not offer a base pay for its drivers. Earnings get calculated based on several factors: distance traveled, pick-up costs, and drop-off costs. However, they do offer Surge and Boost promotions that allow drivers to make extra money during busy hours.


Dashers, as DoorDash drivers are commonly known, make an average of $18 an hour. It is a safe and reliable option as far as food delivery companies go, as it has a substantial customer base. Because of this, you are almost always going to get orders. However, the company’s popularity means large numbers of Dashers joining the company. You will have some competition!

DoorDash offers a base pay of two to 10 dollars per order based on an order’s distance, time, and desirability. It also offers Peak Pay, a bonus of a few extra dollars during busy hours.


Postmates has a reputation for delivering “anything, anytime, anywhere,” which means you’ll be able to work extremely flexible hours. The company also allows its drivers to make deliveries via motorcycle, car, scooter, or on foot. This makes the job extremely accessible.

Postmates’ delivery drivers earn an average salary of $18 an hour. Payment gets based on mileage, pick-up and drop-off points, and time spent. The company also offers a Starter Guarantee to help new drivers settle in, which guarantees a minimum payment amount for the first several weeks.

Now that you know which food delivery service pays the most, you can better decide which company to work for. If you’re still looking for a car to make deliveries with, look no further than Fast Track Mobility’s flexible, affordable rental services. If you’re local to New York, check out our TLC rental cars in Long Island City for more information.

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